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Welcome to R & M Construction

R & M Construction is a small building firm who help make people's dreams of a perfect home into a reality. We can help get the job started by directing you to our specialized architect who will go through your ideas and add his touch to it, whatever the budget or design.

Once the designs are in place and everything is in order we can begin the manual work process. We are fully capable of completing all required trades, from the groundwork, right up to the roof, we can even bring in extra tradesmen in order to complete any finishing touches in which you might further desire.

Internally there are many options. We can do everything from start to finish, or we can stop at certain points to match your budget. This is perfect for clients of whom might prefer to complete the decorating, plumbing, or electrical wiring themselves, this would of course depend on how comfortable you are with the capabilities required for each trade.

Once a build or an extension is complete you might be interested in the bespoke garden landscaping service in which we provide. We can work with you in order to design your perfect garden. We will then turn this design into a reality! This really is the “icing on the cake”, it is surprising how fulfilling a beautiful garden can be, especially after a large building project.